Thomas Arvid Salvestrin Winery artist wine dinner – Napa Valley, CA

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Outside looking in at the Thomas Arvid artists dinner hosted by Salvestrin Winery in St. Helena, CA Napa Valley

Providing event photography for world renowned artist Thomas Arvid at the Salvestrin Winery in world famous Napa Valley was an experience I will not forget. The Salvestrin Winery in St. Helena, CA is located in the heart of the Napa Valley Wine Region. The Salvestrin winery has been owned and operated by the family for 4 generations. A little over 8 acres in size, the family resides onsite and keeps constant vigilance over the wine making process.

Thomas Arvid, known for his photorealistic paintings of wine and the rituals surrounding the consumption, hosted an artists dinner for several out of town guests from various parts of the United States. My goal was to not only photograph the main event (dinner), but to also capture the special relationship between the Arvid’s and Salvestrin’s, as well as highlight the history of this original Napa Valley family. My goal with every shoot is to create a visual story of the events as they unfold, whether its a Day in the Life with your family, or a once in a lifetime vacation to the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. This evening, with family and friends coming together, was no exception.

Lisa Winner is a San Francisco Bay Area based event photographer specializing in visual storytelling. She works with families and commercial clients to bring their personal and professional stories to life. Lisa works in Commercial Photography, Family Documentary Photography, and Vacation Photography for folks visiting the San Francisco Bay Area.

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