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The business world is full of run-of-the-mill “professional” photos that don’t convey individuality and creativity, but when you show up as yourself, you find your people. I’m committed to giving you imaginative brand photos that are full of personality and strategy, so you (and your business!) can show up authentically and flourish professionally.

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Capture impactful imagery that showcases your company's value and builds trust with potential clients, highlighting what you do in a creative and purposeful way.

Create authentic and impactful headshots that represent your professionalism and personality.

Personal Branding + Headshots

Capture exceptional photos that highlight your school community's educational authority and special environment for students, families, and staff.

Corporate Branding

School Branding

  • Pre-session consultation

  • Session planning

  • Wardrobe styling

  • Professional hair and makeup

  • In-studio or on-location

  • Reveal and ordering appointment

Showcase your professionalism and personality through fresh and creative headshots. Whether you’re a small business owner We’ll work together to capture photos that represent you perfectly so you can show up in the business world in a way that feels authentic. 

Personal Branding + Headshots

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Session Includes:

Show off your school with beautiful photos that detail what it’s like to be a part of your amazing community. We’ll work together to create specific and strategic imagery that solidifies your school as an educational authority and highlights how special it is for the families, students, and staff who learn there. 

School Branding

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Your company needs creative and impactful imagery that showcases what you do while building trust with potential clients. Stock images tend to fall flat, so I’ll help you capture photos that feel purposeful and highlight the value you can provide. 

Corporate Branding

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Big Reveal

I’m committed to providing a full-service experience for every client. I’ll work with you to create a bespoke experience that makes you feel seen, heard, and makes you feel cared for because that’s what you deserve. 



Connect + book

Prior to booking your spot, let’s chat. We’ll discuss what you’re looking for in branding photos and any other questions you may have. Based on your wishlist, I’ll help you select the perfect session. Once we’ve decided on the details, we’ll officially mark your date on the calendar.

Planning and preparations begin

Photo day

Walk into your session with confidence, knowing that I’m here to support you the whole time. I’ll gently guide you as needed, so feel free to relax and enjoy the experience of making memories.

Let your personality to take the lead

Gallery Reveal

After your session, I’ll look through all of the images captured and edit your final photos. Your image delivery will be based on your custom-created package. 

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Mikaela Alvarado

I work for the National MS Society and Lisa came and took photos at one of our events. She was very professional, charismatic with the crowd, and delivered amazing photos. I would work with her again and loved having her at our event.

Lisa's professionalism and charisma were evident as she captured stunning photos at our National MS Society event. Her work left a lasting impression, and I would gladly collaborate with her again.

 “Lisa was professional, charismatic, and delivered amazing photos.”

hear it from past clients

With a child on the Autism spectrum, every-day experiences can become challenging. My family and I are determined to lead “normal” lives without having to compromise on engaging and adventurous experiences. I documented a visit to Yosemite National Park to bring awareness to creating accommodations for children with less-obvious disabilities, and to stress the importance of having fun and exploring with your loved ones when possible.


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