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Life is made up of a million little moments, and so many of them pass us by without a second thought. But have you ever noticed that those quiet, unassuming moments are often some of our best? I’m talking about holding hands while you’re waiting in line to get ice cream or singing in the car on a family vacation. Those regular days spent with loved ones never get documented, so I’m on a mission to change that. 

Have you ever noticed that the “regular” days feel like the best ones?

Quiet, comfortable, and real

With a child on the Autism spectrum, every-day experiences can become challenging. My family and I are determined to lead “normal” lives without having to compromise on engaging and adventurous experiences. I documented a visit to Yosemite National Park to bring awareness to creating accommodations for children with less-obvious disabilities, and to stress the importance of having fun and exploring with your loved ones when possible.


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 Misty Finlinson

Lisa skillfully captured our typical weekend moments, bringing joy as we saw our life through her lens. Getting any child to look at the camera is challenging, and even more so for a child with special needs. Yet, Lisa effortlessly found and captured those beautiful, unposed moments of genuine laughter and play.

 “Two of my children have autism, but Lisa was able to show their personalities and what makes them unique.”

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 Lisa was able to beautifully capture the simple moments of a pretty typical weekend with my family. It was so fun to see our life through the lens of her camera. It is often difficult to get any kid to look at the camera and even harder when a child has special needs. There is nothing as beautiful as the joy on a child's face when they are laughing and playing. It can't be posed or coaxed, but Lisa was able to find these fleeting moments and take the picture just in time. 







My own family led me to where I am today

Hi, I'm Lisa - an award-winning family and lifestyle photographer driven by a passion for immortalizing genuine, real-life moments that showcase the beauty and authenticity of life, even in its delightful messiness. With nearly two decades of experience, my journey towards documentary-style imagery was sparked by a meaningful family experience that forever changed my approach to photography.

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