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A young boy sits with a towel over his head at Chico Springs, MT

As seen in National Geographic, October 2021

Photography is about giving you a way to see (and remember) the moments that define your relationship – right now. It’s about capturing your life in its current state.

You want pictures that no one else can replicate, that make you say “oh that is SO us,” and that give you a little extra spring in your step whenever you see them.

You’re in the right place.  Let’s get started.

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“Two of my children have autism but I feel like Lisa was able to show their personalities and what makes them unique…”

Father and son playing at the playground. Son is hanging from a play structure and father is going in to kiss him during a San Francisco Family Photography session

“As a mother, I am often the one behind the camera and left out of the frame. Lisa was able to beautifully capture the simple moments of a pretty typical weekend with my family. It was so fun to see our life through the lens of her camera. It is often difficult to get any kid to look at the camera and even harder when a child has special needs.

Her style of photography captures children in their environment. There is nothing as beautiful as the joy on a child’s face when they are laughing and playing. It can’t be posed or coaxed, but Lisa was able to find these fleeting moments and take the picture just in time. My children are growing so fast and I know that the pictures from this one day in our life will be treasured forever.”

– Misty

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Dog-loving, family-loving, award-winning photographer

Hey I’m Lisa, and I’m not interested in creating photos
that look like everyone else’s. 

By the end of a session together, we’ll be on a “more-than” first name basis and you may even learn what I was known for in high school.  Your face might hurt from laughing.  Your kids might not want to let me leave.  That’s cool.  It happens.

Moment trumps everything.  Life is made of moments.  Like, real moments – even on vacation. And that’s why you’re here.  For a way to remember what it felt like when you were eyeballs deep in the middle of life.


“Every time I look at the pictures, I immediately remember the day and my daughter giggling as she jumped and rolled around the grass!”

Young daughter holds onto mom around the neck while she looks at the sunset in the distance

“Lisa is very friendly, calm and relaxed. I think her relaxed photography style is what was passed on to my kids which allowed for a successful photo shoot. My 4 year old basically very quickly wanted Lisa to take pictures of everything she was doing and to forget the rest of us… We ultimately ended up with lots of great family pictures but also great pictures of the kids individually and of them playing together.

She delivered our images promptly, despite my telling her we were in no rush to get them. I look forward to working with her and having her document my kids for many years to come!”

– Tina






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I’m Lisa Winner – San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

Whether you are visiting San Francisco with your family and would love to have it photographed (because Mom, you know you’re never IN the holiday pics, right??),


Whether you have lived here for years and are looking for some updated family photos (again, because Mom, you know your kids are going to ask why you were never IN the pictures they have, right?)

I’m your person.


Download my Essential “Family-Vacay-In-The-Bay” Planning Guide