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Girl sitting on the beach with the sun on her face while the beach scene unfolds around here

This week, National Geographic Your Shot selected my image as one of the Top 15 images of the week. I was floored, to say the least. I joined the Nat Geo community several years ago when I first started to take my photography seriously. I uploaded several photos, ones I for sure thought were award winners. Needless to say when none of my photos were immediately selected for publication, I gave up, certain that I would never be good enough for anyone from Nat Geo to notice me (patience has never been my strong suit).


Fast forward to the first week of July, 2019. Nat Geo once again pops on my radar and I thought, “Oh, I should give that a try again and see what happens”, this time with no chip on my shoulder, no expectations. I created a brand new account and uploaded some recent favorites.

Since my last go round with entering National Geographic Your Shot, I’ve taken a SLEW of photography classes and have gotten a mentor, whose guidance continues to push me outside of my comfort zone. She forces me to slow down, find the patience to wait for the shot, THEN take it. Needless to say my photography since even the beginning of this year until now is completely changed.


And so after all that, to wake up this morning to find the message in my inbox that I’d been featured this week, it took my breath away and brought tears to my eyes. I feel like the young Jedi that’s finally figuring out what the hell the force is and how to use it.


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