San Francisco Bay Area Family Photographer

A father holds his baby girl on his shoulder in Washington Park Alameda, CA

Meet me as you exist today and we’ll take anything but ordinary photos of your family.

Day in the life sessions.

I know how stressful that “annual family photo session” can be.  Planning outfits, getting hair done, attempting to get everyone on board, trying to figure out what bribe will work best but not get anyone dirty.

There’s a better way.

What if all you had to do was open the door for me in the morning?
And I proceeded to spend the day, just a regular day, with your family, as you are right now?  

Yes, this is possible.  Yes, it really is that simple.

“Just another Tuesday”


What family photo sessions aspire to be 

Documentary photography is more than just candid shots, it is the art of family photojournalism with the end goal of creating a story – YOUR story.

I submerse myself in your life for a few hours or a full day, whether we’re documenting ‘Just another Tuesday’ or your once-in-a-lifetime vacation to the San Francisco Bay area.

I will shoot the great, the not-so-great, and everything in between, because all of those moments are beautiful in their own right.

Together they make up a Day in YOUR Life, and there is nothing more unique or memorable than that.

Mom and son hug while camping in Santa Cruz, CA

Highlights of San Francisco Bay Area Family Photography Sessions

How does it work?


Let’s chat

We’ll discuss your dream photo day and if there’s anything special you’d like photographed. We’ll decide on how much time we should spend together and we’ll mark your date on the calendar.


“Tuesday” Photo Day

Whether I’m spending two hours or ten hours with you, I’ll be there to document it all.  Want the traditional family portrait for grandma’s mantle and the school newsletter? Yep, we can get that too.

No stress. No drama.


Relive the Experience

During our reveal and ordering appointment, I share with you all the wonderful images we captured during your session. We order your prints and products, and I’ll leave you with a beautiful slideshow to share with your family and friends.

Need even MORE convincing? Click here. (Sheesh. Tough crowd.)

Download my Essential “Family-Vacay-In-The-Bay” Planning Guide