San Francisco Vacation Photography


A unique and unforgettable experience for your Bay Area Family Holiday.




This is how we typically remember that we were also part of the annual family vacation, right?

I know what it’s like to gingerly hand over your camera to a stranger and be rewarded with one blurry family image that also includes a large thumb, and Dad’s eyes are half closed.  

And that’s the one you end up sharing everywhere online, as well as hang on the wall, because, well, it’s the only one with the entire family in it. Yes, I’ve been there, done that, & hung the blurry picture too.

Ready for something better?

“Vacation in the Bay”


A San Francisco Family Vacation Photography Session

Download my Essential “Family-Vacay-In-The-Bay” Planning Guide

San Francisco has been my home for over 20 years and I
love everything about this city.

 I know all the cool places to experience in addition to all the touristy places you should really avoid (read – not worth your time and money).

You’ll have photos from your vacation that honestly make you feel like you’re reliving the experience every time you flip through the album.

You’ll finish your vacation feeling like you truly got to know the city, that you fully experienced everything it has to offer,


You’ll have the photos to remember it!

A young girl stands in front of a mural in the Mission District in San Francisco, CA

While I will 100% capture the obligatory “photo in front of the Golden Gate Bridge,” I’ll also document what you truly experience while on vacation in the Bay…

Seriously, I could go on forever. Like, forever. But instead of reading about all of the sites, let’s get this party started and I’ll show them to you!

How does it work?


Schedule a Call

You can tell me all about your vacation plans and what you hope to see and do. I’ll share my insight and steer you in the right direction. We’ll decide on how much time we should spend together and we’ll mark your date on the calendar.


Vacation Photo Day

This is where the best part of your vacation happens. We’ll meet up at our previously decided location and you get to experience the joy of having your personal tour guide AND personal photographer for the day.


Relive the Experience

A few weeks later cry happy tears of joy because ONE the vacation was the best you’ve ever had, TWO you’re actually IN the photos and THREE, you’ll be able to remember not just where you went and what you did, but also how you felt.

Highlights of San Francisco Family Vacations

Download my Essential “Family-Vacay-In-The-Bay” Planning Guide