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National Geographic Your Shot Feature #2

As Featured on National Geographic Your Shot Visual Diary: June 2019 Story.⁠

I’ve been noticing some changes in my photography lately, and it all started with this particular day. I was at the playground with my sons classmates, and the images I made are some of my favorite. There was something about the chaos of the playground, the throngs of children running around, that allowed me to stop and think about what I wanted my images to say.

What I noticed amidst the exuberant children was also a quietness… The “odd man out” children, the ones playing near by, but not necessarily with. It was interesting watching the social intricacies, the navigation of relationships, figuring out who was a friend and who was a foe. One little boy even came up to me and said “today is the day my enemy becomes my friend”.⁠
Right you are sir, right you are.⁠

I’m also thrilled that @natgeoyourshot has published this image as part of their Visual Diary for the month of June. Out of 3,019 images submitted, this image, along with 38 others, were selected to be featured for this story. I continue to be inspired by the work coming out of the Your Shot community, and am humbled to be included in this group of extremely talented photographers.⁠

Click here to see the full Visual Diary story. Want to see more of my family documentary work? Check it out here.

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