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Holiday 2019 “Mini-ish” sessions

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Family in standing in front of a tree at Dracena Park in Piedmont, CA

Where my holiday card folks at?

It’s that time of year again, when the holiday card ‘madness’ ensues. What photo will we use? Do we have any where my eyes aren’t closed? Can we find just one where Billy isn’t picking his ass? You know what I mean… Always a process.

Save all that drama for next year.

This year, sign up for
Lisa Winner Photography’s “Mini-ish” sessions.
WHAT:  50 Minute sessions broken into 2 parts
  • 15 minutes – portraits
  • 35 minutes – documentary time

For the doc time, you can do whatever you want. Bring bubbles if you have little kids, a football if you have big ones. Whatever activity(ies) you choose to partake in, I’ll be there, snapping away while you hang out with your kids. It’ll be brilliant.

  • 11/24 – inquire for time slots
WHERE: Alameda, CA

Mini-ish you say, what does that mean?

As you know, I focus primarily on documentary photography. However, because I try and stay attune to my clients needs, I know “stand and say cheese” photos are part of the deal for the holiday season. I get it – either for the card or the gift for Grandma so you don’t have to buy her anything else – people want the family group photo. And I’m here for it! Once a year.

But I can’t just do portraits, it would be a disservice to both of us. You DESERVE to see your family outside of the standard group shot – those are the moments that really need to be documented. Hence, Mini-ish sessions… are you ready for it?

COST: $395, includes 5 high resolution digital images and a 60 second photo slideshow. Additional digital images and products available for purchase.
HOW: Fill out the form below to get started. A $75 nonrefundable deposit reserves your spot, with the remaining session fee due 48 hours prior to start of appointment.

None of those dates or times work for you? You’re in luck! Custom sessions available.

$495 gets you:
  • a full 1 hour session at the location of your choosing (within 15 miles of zip code 94501)
    • 20 minutes of portraits
    • 40 minutes documentary
  • Date and time of your choosing
  • 8 digitals instead of 5 (a $285 value!)

Reserve your spot today!

Need to see some pictures to convince you to hit that submit button?

Scroll on down, I got you.

Mini-ish sessions in Alameda, CA at John Sweeney Open Reserve Park

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