Documentary Family Portraiture

Documentary Family Portraiture Session

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Documentary Portraiture sessions are 2 hours in length

But why? Why so long? I just want a photo for the school newsletter! Harumph.


Well, there are several photographers I can direct you too that will assist you in your request for one family photo. I am not about that life. If you go to my About Me page (you should, it’s a good read), you’ll see why: because hanging out for 15 minutes taking 10 photos of you is not going to create the authenticity that I want to capture for you. We need at least 30 minutes to get one of your children melting down (photography gold!) and then at least another 15 minutes for the crying to stop and for the kisses and hugs to ensue (photography platinum! Or whatever is better than gold.) And then once everyone is really smiling (because Billy’s meltdown over the color of his ice cream was quite comical) then we’ll take a few posed shots of everyone looking at the camera. You’ll get the authentic moments (which frankly are the best) and you’ll get your photo for the school newsletter (that better be one nice newsletter. Did your kid win an award or something?)

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