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A mother breastfeeds her newborn baby while working at home in Oakland, CA Family Photography
April 21, 2021

The Photo Not Taken

I was on a plane recently, traveling back east to visit my family. Next to me was a woman with a newborn. She was traveling alone with the baby for the first time, also going to visit family. We chatted…
Outside looking in at the Thomas Arvid artists dinner hosted by Salvestrin Winery in St. Helena, CA Napa Valley Events
March 9, 2020

Thomas Arvid Salvestrin Winery artist wine dinner – Napa Valley, CA

Providing event photography for world renowned artist Thomas Arvid at the Salvestrin Winery in world famous Napa Valley was an experience I will not forget. The Salvestrin Winery in St. Helena, CA is located in the heart of the Napa…
Group photo from the NCCA retirement dinner in San Francisco at John's Grill Events
March 9, 2020

Northern California Concierge Association Retirement Dinner – San Francisco

I was honored to be the event photographer at the retirement dinner of Lori and Jim, two concierges whose combined total service exceeded 55 years, for the Northern California Concierge Association. The event took place at historic John's Grill in…