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What would a Year in your life look like?

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Let’s create a Family Yearbook to pass down from generation to generation

Year in your Life “Family Yearbook” program.

What if you had a personal photographer who could document all of your special and every day moments over the course of the year?  And then at the end of the year you get a beautiful album that highlights all of your most important memories? What if you could actually be in these photos, vs. being behind the camera?

Now there’s a way.

Introducing the ‘Year in the Life, Family Yearbook’ program.

In short, you get six 2 hour sessions spread out over the course of one year (one session every two months). 

You get to choose when and where the sessions occur. You get to decide what moments of your life you want documented. And, at the end of the year, you get to relive those moments as a family with a beautiful heirloom album that you’ll want to pass down from generation to generation.

It’s that simple.

What would a year in your life look like?


Because moments should be documented year round, not just during the holidays

How does it work?


Let’s chat

We’ll discuss your vision for our year together. We’ll discuss any special events that you know for sure you’d like for me to be apart of, and talk about what other moments would be important to capture. I’ll send you a family planning guide with some ideas that will work year round. And we’ll decide when to book your first session.


Our year together…

At the beginning of each two month time period, I’ll send you an email with a calendar link to book your next session. Want to roll over your hours to the next time period so you have a long half day session? No problem. You never lose your hours, they just accumulate as time goes on.


Relive the Experience

After each session you’ll receive a gallery of web sized digital images for sharing online and social media channels. At the end of the year, you’ll receive a slideshow highlighting our year together, as well as a beautiful archival heirloom album known as your “Family Yearbook”. You will cry happy tears reliving your year together as a family.

Highlights of San Francisco Bay Area Family Photography Sessions

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