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Alamedans at work

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Ian Winner works from home under orange hazey skies

I’m looking for volunteers in Alameda (Oakland ok too) that are willing to be photographed in their current work environment. From the tech worker that works from home, to the school teacher that conducts Zooms in an empty classroom, to the grocery store clerk stocking shelves at 3am, I am interested in hearing from you. You agree to be photographed in your current place of employment (if you are an employee that needs permission from management, let me know and I can help with this) and provide a brief statement on how COVID has affected your working situation, home situation, work/life balance etc.

I am specifically looking for the following professions:

  • Service employees – food service, retail, other
  • Restaurant/Bar owners
  • Medical professionals – understand getting inside the facility may be challenging – outside in front of building is ok here
  • Teachers
  • WFH professionals with children at home
  • Warehouse employees
  • Essential workers – Firefighters, police, postal service, etc
  • Entreprenuers
  • Construction/Landscape workers

Photo shoot will not last longer than 5-10 minutes. I will abide by all COVID-19 ordinances: face mask, maintaining at least 6’+ distance, and hand sanitation before and after shoot.

If interested, please fill out the below form and I will be back in contact within the next 5 days. Thank you in advance for your interest!

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